The mission of an attacking regiment will be to penetrate through the initial defensive zone, neutralize strongpoints, and carry the momentum to the enemy battalion rear areas.

Generally, platoons will be in line formation, platoons within companies may be in line, wedge, or echelon formations.  And the regiment may attack in one or two echelons, with battalions in line, wedge, or echelon.  In single echelon formations, the regimental commander may still have a tank company in reserve.

An attack on a hasty or weak defense may be executed from pre-battle formation if the risk does not outweigh the cost of the loss of tactical momentum.

Smoke and suppressive artillery fire will most likely be used during the attack.

The following templates were taken from U.S. Army Field Manual 100-2-1 (1984).  Left clicking on the images will expand them into new windows.

MRR attack


MRB march to attack


MRB march to attack two echelons


MRB attack


attack foramtion company


attack formation tank company


tank battalion attack strongpoint


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tank commander