Steel Beasts Related Links  The official fansite.  Download user-made scenarios, discuss the game with the developers, and meet for multi-play.

eSim Games  The developer's site. 

The Skin Catalogue  3Star's catalogue of user made skins for SB Pro PE

Fabfire's Armor Site  Has a quick overview of the game.

Sim Hq  Forums and reviews regarding computer simulations of all types.

Tanksim Forums  Information and discussion of tank simulators and games.

Wargaming Sites of Interest

Armchair General Magazine  Excellent articles and forum. Check out the Tactics 101 articles.

The Wargamer  Reviews, announcements, and discussion of all types of wargames.

Tactical Vignettes  Old Tactical Vignettes from Armor Magazine.

Tactical Decision Games  Tactical Decision Games from The Marine Corps Gazette.

Sites Relating to Soviet Tactics and Military History  Russian Arms, Military Technology, Analysis of Russia's Military Forces.

Red Thrust Star  Journal Index of the OPFOR at the National Training Center.

OPFOR Battle Book  Navigation is a bit wonky, try using links on the frame to the left.

Group of Soviet Forces Germany OOB  US Military Liaison Mission Association's Order of Battle for Soviet forces stationed in the former DDR.

Russian Language Armor Site  Russian language site with armor photo-galleries, links pages, Wiki, and humor section.

The Russian Battlefield  History of tanks during the Great Patriotic War (WWII).

People's Liberation Army (China) Information

Chinese Defence Today  Current information on the Chinese military.

The Chinese Military Power Page  Analysis of the Chinese military.

On Guerrilla Warfare  Online version of the Chairman's masterpiece.

Information on Equipment

Army Technology  Industry projects and defense contractor company listings.

Army Guide  Information, by country, on land systems.

FAS Weapons Systems  Federation of American Scientists' listing for United States and rest-of-world land weapons systems.

Vasiliy Fofanov's Modern Russian Armor Page Information on T-72s, T-80s, T-90s & The Black Eagle.

Field Manuals

Global Security Field Manual Library  Online library of US Army field manuals.

General Military Subjects

Army Study Guide  Online study guide for US Army enlisted promotion boards; contains general information on skill level one common tasks and other promotion board subjects.



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