Having been raised In Prescott, Arizona, I've named this website after the First United States Volunteer Cavalry.  This was a unit raised by Teddy Roosevelt to fight in the Spanish American War.  The unit was popularly known as the Rough Riders, and fought in the battle for the San Juan Hill in Cuba.  William "Bucky" O'Neill was the commander of A Troop and was killed during the campaign in Cuba while refusing to take cover from Spanish gunfire so that he might offer a gallant example to his men.  Before having joined the Rough Riders, O'Neill was a judge, a Sheriff of Yavapai County, Arizona, and then the mayor of Prescott, the Yavapai County seat.  A prominent statue of O'Neill now stands in front of the Yavapai County Superior Courthouse commemorating those fallen in Cuba.

At this point in time, however, my connection to Prescott is the only nexus between this site and the Rough Riders.  I intend to use this site as a means to develop and share resources related to the armor simulation, Steel Beasts.

Steel Beasts was originally a video game developed for PCs by eSim Games that modeled the US Army M1A1 and the West German Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks.  The representation of the fire control systems of these tanks and of the behavior of individual vehicles in this game was accurate enough that certain militaries started using it for training purposes.  eSim Games is now producing Steel Beasts Professional, which is specifically designed for training purposes and is being used by several militaries for training.  A commercial version of the training software is available as Steel Beasts Pro Personal Edition and can be purchased by the public through the eSim Games website.

As I'm able to develop this site, I intend to work on a few articles addressing topics such as estimating range and what a "battlesight" engagement is.  Additionally, I would like to provide some resources on Soviet and Warsaw Pact armor tactics.  Ultimately, I would like to have this site become a means to collaboratively create scenarios for SB Pro PE

I encourage any visitors wishing to comment on any of the site's contents to contact me. Until I figure out enough HTML in order to allow visitors to post comments directly to the site, the best way to contact me is either by personal message at the Steelbeasts.com fansite, or through email here.


Gary Owen


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