Dummies' Guide to Steel Beasts

This is something I wrote several years ago at the time of the first retail release of SB1, I am in the process of editing it for Pro PE.


Steel Beasts is a game for personal computers that simulates the operation of tanks and other armored fighting vehicles on the modern battlefield. The game can be played against the computer or against other people over the internet. A group of us have been playing this game over the internet for some time now. Steel Beasts was originally available only by order over the internet and small group of dedicated players formed before the game was available in retail stores. Most of us that started playing Steel Beasts before the commercial release found out about it because we already had strong interest in armored warfare, either from personal experience or through plain old curiosity, and we were already looking for such a game. So, most of us Steel Beast “veterans” have approached the game with a background of knowledge on the subject that we have taken for granted.

But, for the most part, we play this game for fun. And we want others to discover the game and learn to enjoy it as much as we do. There are two main reasons for this. The first is selfish. If there are more people playing the game, we have more opportunities to play. The second is altruistic. If you’re not playing the game and enjoying it, then you should be. We want you to have fun too.

As new players started showing up after the game was released in stores, we noticed that some players had a bit of difficulty with the concepts of armored warfare and became discouraged. Some of the veteran players designed scenarios that teach basic tactics, and most of us try to help explain the roles to the newcomers we meet when playing on-line. But the fact that most of us veterans take for granted that everyone knows the difference between hull-down and turret-down defilade positions and the differences in the capabilities of main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, sometimes just compounds the difficulties that newcomers face when they approach this game without any or much of that background information.

So we decided to try and put some of this background information in writing. We do not intend this to be a primer on tactics. Nor do we intend this to replace the excellent articles written by Paul Lakowski and Andrew Jaremkow that are included in the documents folder of the Steel Beasts install directory. Rather we intend this to merely provide a background so that those documents are more approachable and so that a new player can more readily understand discussions on tactics. We hope that you will find this useful, and if you don’t find anything useful, then at least that you find our attempt to be helpful amusing.

Anything that can be seen can be hit, anything that can be hit can be killed.

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