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Dummies' Guide  An essay first written for new players at the time of Steel Beasts' original retail release.

Mechanized Cavalry Troop (1944)  Scans from the 1944 edition of the War Dep't Field Manual for Mechanized Cavalry Troops.



Analyzing the Situation

Developing the Solution

Contextualizing the Principles



Map Reading  An explanation of how terrain features are depicted on topographic maps and how to read grid co-ordinates. Includes a brief practice scenario for download..

Terrain Analysis  An explanation of the OCOKA factors of military terrain analysis.

Movement Techniques  This article demonstrates the differences between the travelling, travelling overwatch, and bounding overwatch movement techniques. The page contains four small embedded video clips that may require ActiveX download.


Estimating Range  A short explanation of how to use the M1A1 GPS reticle to estimate the range of Soviet tanks. Includes a practice scenario.

Engage A Moving Target From M2 Bradley  A demonstration of a technique for engaging moving targets with the Bradley 25mm chain gun. Includes a brief video.

Anti-Tank Ammunition  Discusses the differences between HEAT and Sabot ammunition.

Battlesight Engagements  A brief explanation of how the battlesight range is determined for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.


Operations Orders  This is a brief explanation of the structure of the five paragraph OPORD that is used as the default template for briefings in Steel Beasts scenarios.

Communications  Suggested adaptation of military radio procedures for use in Steel Beasts co-operative on-line play.



Tank Platoon ARTEP Tasks

More on: explanation and 10px
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