The set of ARTEP tasks that I have included here are taken from the Mission Training Plan for the Tank Platoon manual.  This manual provides guidance on training tank platoons as units.  The performance measures are the checklists used by observer/controllers when evaluating a unit at a maneuver training area such as the NTC or CMTC.  I have not included all of the tasks listed in the manual, as some have very little applicability to Steel Beasts.  For example, chemical decontamination tasks are not included because chemical contamination is not modeled in the game.  Similarly, deliberate occupation tasks are not included because it is not feasible to simulate drawing range cards, laying field telephone wire, improving camouflage, et cetera. 

The individual tasks are the tactical building blocks that a commander can assemble together to accomplish a mission.

Memorizing and strictly adhering to the task performance measure checklists is not necessary in order to play Steel Beasts well.  A person whose experience is solely limited to gaming and who has no idea of the formal difference between a support by fire and an attack by fire is not necessarily at a disadvantage to a player who is familiar with the checklists.

Familiarity with the tasks will, however, I believe, assist one in thinking about how to approach solving tactical problems.  Furthermore, I anticipate that the tasks may provide some form of inspiration for anyone intending to create scenarios.  So I am including them toward that end as well.


Conduct Bypass Operations

Conduct Tactical Movement

Conduct a Tactical Roadmarch

Execute Actions on Contact

Destroy an Inferior Force

Assault an Enemy Position

Conduct an Attack by Fire

Conduct an Overwatch/Support by Fire

Conduct a Reconnaissance by Fire

Follow and Support

Disengage from the Enemy

Conduct a Hasty Occupation of a Battle Position

Conduct a Platoon Defense

Displace to Successive or Alternate Battle Position


More on tasks and concerning conduct
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