CONDITION: The platoon is conducting tactical operations as part of a company team or cavalry troop and has received an OPORD/FRAGO to defend a battle position. The platoon is enroute to the battle position. Enemy contact is not expected prior to the "defend NLT" time specified in the order, but there is insufficient time to conduct the steps of a deliberate occupation prior to enemy contact.

TASK STANDARD: The platoon occupies the designated battle position, avoiding detection by the enemy. It orients on the designated portion of the company team's engagement area or sector of fire and is prepared to defend by the time specified in the OPORD/FRAGO.


1. Platoon arrives at and begins occupation of the designated battle position.

a. Enters the battle position from the flank or rear.

b. Assumes a modified line formation and orients all weapons toward the center of the engagement area.

c. On order, moves simultaneously into turret-down positions within the limits of the battle position.

NOTE: The following steps are dependent on time available; some or all additional steps of a deliberate occupation may be completed depending on when the enemy arrives.

2. Platoon leader designates defensive control measures.

a. Identifies and references TRPs, engagement areas, and/or sectors of fire for primary fighting positions.

b. Identifies tentative locations for each vehicle's primary fighting position.

c. Identifies and references TRPs, engagement areas, and/or sectors of fire for supplementary fighting positions.

d. Identifies tentative locations for each vehicle's supplementary fighting position.

e. Designates covered and concealed displacement routes between the current battle position and alternate/successive battle positions, if necessary.

3. TCs adjust positions as necessary to cover the engagement areas identified by the platoon leader.

a. Select alternate fighting positions

b. Select covered and concealed routes between primary, alternate, and supplementary fighting positions.

4. Platoon leader directs the platoon to move into primary fighting positions.

a. Directs all vehicles to move into hull-down positions and scan their sectors of fire.

b. As time permits, identifies trigger line, engagement criteria, fire pattern, break point, and disengagement plan.

c. Reports "ESTABLISHED" to the commander.

5. As time permits, platoon leader directs the platoon to continue improvement of the battle position.



World Wide view of position and platoon
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