CONDITION: The platoon is conducting tactical operations as part of a company team or cavalry troop.

TASK STANDARD: The platoon reacts to the contact, deploys as required, and reports the contact to the commander. It develops the situation based on the commander's intent while retaining sufficient combat power to continue the mission. The platoon successfully accomplishes the course of action directed by the commander.


1. Platoon reacts to the situation as appropriate.

a. Reacts when contact entails enemy antitank fire.

1. TC making initial contact, returns fire immediately to destroy or suppress the enemy.

2. TC making initial contact, immediately alerts the rest of the platoon with a contact report.

3. Activates on-board smoke or missile countermeasure device as appropriate.

4. Takes evasive actions to seek cover and concealment, evade antitank fire, and/or break contact.

5. Platoon leader sends contact report to the commander.

b. Reacts when the contact does not involve antitank fire, is visual, and/or is reported by another element.

1. Platoon leader or TC making initial contact immediately alerts the rest of the platoon with contact report.

2. Platoon leader, if applicable, sends initial SPOTREP to the commander within one minute.

2. Platoon leader deploys the platoon as appropriate based on the situation.

a. Initiates one of the seven battle drills.


b. Orders the platoon to seek best available covered and concealed position (position should afford flank security and unobstructed observation and fields of fire).

3. Platoon leader evaluates the situation.

a. Determines or confirms the nature of the enemy force or obstacle, including size (inferior or superior), composition, activity, and orientation of enemy force and/or type, size, and location of obstacle.

b. Uses SPOTREPs and SITREPs as available to evaluate the situation.

4. Platoon leader develops the situation as required using a combination of techniques.

a. Chooses fire and maneuver, indirect fire, reconnaissance by fire, or surveillance.

b. Ensures platoon's actions allow for survivability and mission accomplishment.

c. Sends updated SPOTREP to the commander.

5. Platoon leader selects an appropriate course of action.

a. Directs platoon to execute the original plan specified by the commander in the OPORD.


b. Based on the situation, issues FRAGO to refine the plan, ensuring it supports the commander's intent.


c. Directs platoon to execute tactical movement (employing bounding overwatch and support by fire within the platoon) and reconnaissance by fire to further develop the situation.


d. Chooses an alternate course of action based on evaluation and development of the situation.

6. Platoon leader recommends alternate course of action (if situation dictates a change to the original plan).

a. Sends recommendation to the commander.

b. Receives and evaluates orders to execute the course of action selected by the commander.

c. Uses cross-talk with other platoons to obtain support necessary for execution of selected course of action.

7. Platoon leader directs the platoon to execute the course of action based on the situation or commander's order.

a. Directs platoon to destroy an inferior force.


b. Directs platoon to conduct overwatch/support by fire.


c. Directs platoon to conduct an attack by fire.


d. Directs platoon to assault an enemy position.


e. Directs platoon to conduct bypass operations.


f. Directs platoon to conduct reconnaissance by fire.


g. Directs platoon to conduct hasty occupation of a platoon BP.


h. Directs platoon to conduct platoon breaching operation.

8. Platoon leader directs operation to completion based on the situation and commander's intent.

a. Continues to execute the selected or refined course of action until platoon accomplishes the original mission, receives a FRAGO form the commander, or is ordered to execute consolidation and reorganization on the objective.

b. As necessary, alters the course of action during execution if the situation changes.

9. Platoon leader or PSG keeps the commander informed throughout the operation.

a. Sends updated SITREPs and/or SPOTREPs as necessary.

b. Reports completion of the operation.

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