CONDITION: The platoon is operating as part of a company team or cavalry troop and is in contact with enemy elements. The commander has ordered the platoon to disengage; he has specified a route for the disengagement and a location to which the platoon is to move. Another element may or may not be available to cover platoon movement.

TASK STANDARD: The platoon breaks contact from the enemy and moves to a designated point where neither the enemy nor the platoon can observe the other or engage the other with direct fire.


1. The platoon leader issues a FRAGO to the platoon with emphasis on the following actions:

a. Designates the location to which the platoon will move.

b. Designates the route to the new location.

c. Designates the order of march.

2. Platoon disengages from enemy contact with another platoon providing overwatch.

a. Begins tactical movement to the designated location.

b. Based on METT-T, employs appropriate formation and movement technique.

c. Maintains weapons orientation toward the enemy and engages enemy elements as necessary.

d. Uses on-board smoke as appropriate to screen movement.

e. Occupies the new position and establishes security.


3. Platoon disengages from enemy contact without overwatch support.

a. Platoon leader designates one section to lead the movement and the other to overwatch.

b. Begins disengagement with overwatch section remaining in place and providing direct/indirect fires (including smoke) to suppress, destroy, and/or screen the enemy as appropriate.

c. Begins tactical movement toward the designated location, with the maneuver section keeping weapons oriented toward the enemy and engaging enemy forces as necessary. Maneuver section uses on-board smoke as appropriate.

d. As the tactical situation permits, executes disengagement of the overwatch section. Overwatch section calls for final indirect fires as appropriate, begins tactical movement toward designated location, and maintains weapons orientation toward the enemy, engaging as necessary. It uses on-board smoke as needed.

e. Occupies new position and establishes local security.

4. Platoon leader completes disengagement actions.

a. Sends SITREP to report completion of disengagement to the commander.

b. Directs consolidation and reorganization activities as required to prepare platoon for future operations.

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