CONDITION: The platoon is conducting offensive operations in a tactical environment as part of a company team or cavalry troop. Enemy contact is expected or has already occurred, but the enemy situation is vague. The commander directs the platoon to develop the situation, using reconnaissance by fire to force the enemy to react.

TASK STANDARD: The platoon causes the enemy to displace from its position, identifies enemy positions from return fire, or determines that there are no enemy forces in the suspected position.


1. Platoon leader identifies suspected enemy locations and designates them as platoon TRPs.

a. Targets key terrain overwatching choke points or danger areas.

b. Targets built-up areas that dominate the surrounding terrain.

c. Targets uncleared wooded areas.

2. Platoon occupies an overwatch position.

a. Conducts tactical movement to the overwatch location using the cover and concealment provided by the terrain to protect against enemy fires.

b. Selects a position that provides cover and concealment.

c. Occupies hull-down fighting positions if possible.

d. Begins scanning sectors of fire as designated by the platoon leader.

3. Platoon employs direct and indirect fire as appropriate.

a. If indirect fire is used, platoon leader takes these actions:

1. Sends call for fire targeting suspected enemy locations.

2. Observes for enemy reaction and adjusts indirect fires as necessary to destroy enemy forces.

b. If direct fire is used, takes these actions:

1. One tank per section fires short bursts of machine gun fire into and around suspected enemy positions, using main gun fire only as necessary.

2. The other tank in each section observes for enemy activity and uses machine gun and/or main gun fire to destroy any enemy elements forced to maneuver from their position(s).

c. Executes actions on contact as necessary.

d. Platoon leader sends SITREPs to the commander as necessary.

4. Platoon leader or platoon sergeant determines that no enemy elements are occupying the suspected position.

a. Sends SITREP to the commander.

b. Directs the platoon to continue the mission based on commander's guidance, the OPORD/FRAGO, or unit SOP.



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