CONDITION: The platoon is conducting tactical operations as part of a company team or cavalry troop. It has been designated by the commander to provide overwatch and/or support by fire (SBF) for moving friendly elements from moving or stationary positions. Enemy contact is possible.

TASK STANDARD: The platoon assumes a position from which it can provide overwatch/SBF for the supported element. As necessary, the platoon suppresses or destroys enemy elements that could affect accomplishment of the supported element's mission. The platoon maintains situational awareness and communication with the supported force and warns it of lapses in overwatch coverage.


1. Platoon leader receives and analyzes the OPORD/FRAGO for the overwatch/SBF mission.

a. Identifies/designates tentative overwatch/SBF positions, TRPs, sectors of fire, company team objective, movement element routes, and/or orientation on likely enemy positions.

b. Identifies covered and concealed routes to be used during movement to overwatch/SBF positions.

c. Ensures platoon knows signal to lift and shift fires.

2. Platoon conducts tactical movement and/or occupies overwatch /SBF positions to support moving element.

a. Maintains orientation on and overwatch of the supported element's battle space during movement.

b. Adjusts movement to maintain correct interval from the supported element based on the terrain and the ability of the platoon's weapon systems to cover the supported element's battle space.

c. Informs moving element to slow/ alter movement to maintain the overwatch/SBF element's ability to provide direct/indirect fire support.

d. If necessary, makes a short halt on key terrain that affords more effective overwatch for the supported element.

e. If appropriate, conducts hasty occupation of overwatch/SBF position that provides effective weapon standoff, cover and concealment for hull-down or turret-down positions, and/or orientation on likely enemy positions.

3. Platoon conducts overwatch from stationary position as the situation dictates.

a. Begins scanning sectors of fire as designated by the platoon leader or SOP.

b. Keeps supported element informed of the enemy situation and of any lapses in overwatch coverage.

4. If support by fire becomes necessary, platoon initiates suppressive fires, either when the platoon leader issues a platoon fire command or when individual vehicles fire after observing an enemy element.

a. If necessary, occupies hull-down firing positions.

b. Uses main gun and machine gun fire to destroy targets and suppress dismounted troops and suspected enemy locations.

c. Calls for and adjusts indirect fires onto the enemy elements.

d. Adjusts fires as necessary to prevent fratricide based on the supported unit's movement/signals.

e. Moves to alternate positions as necessary to avoid becoming decisively engaged and/or to maintain effective fires on the enemy.

f. Maintains situational awareness of friendly and enemy unit locations through visual contact, radio cross-talk, and digital systems.

5. Platoon moves to rejoin the company team/cavalry troop when overwatch/SBF is completed.

a. Conducts tactical movement to the appropriate platoon location.

b. Assumes designated position within the company team/cavalry troop formation/position.

World Wide view of platoon and fire
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