CONDITION: During tactical operations as part of a company team or cavalry troop, the platoon makes contact with an enemy force and/or obstacle. It initiates actions on contact and is then directed by the commander to conduct a bypass. The platoon's move is covered by the remainder of the unit in an overwatch.

TASK STANDARD: The platoon locates a suitable bypass route affording cover and concealment and/or weapon standoff. It conducts the bypass without becoming decisively engaged by the enemy element being bypassed.


1. If the commander did not designate a bypass route, platoon immediately conducts reconnaissance to locate an available route.

a. Ensures bypass affords cover and concealment or allows the platoon to maintain weapon standoff.

b. Ensures bypass affords routes away from enemy positions and obstacles.

c. Ensures that terrain along the bypass route will support movement of platoon vehicles.

d. Ensures bypass affords covered and concealed positions/routes beyond the enemy positions/obstacles.

(NOTE: If the platoon does not locate a suitable bypass route, platoon leader sends a SITREP to the commander and prepares the platoon to take actions as directed.)

2. When a suitable route is located, platoon conducts tactical movement along the route, focusing on the following considerations:

a. Uses most advantageous formation and movement technique based on METT-T.

b. Based on formation selected and availability of overwatch, maintains proper weapons orientation to ensure 360-degree security.

c. Identifies and reacts to enemy forces along the route.

d. Takes actions to avoid being decisively engaged.

e. Calls for indirect fire support, including smoke, to screen movement.

3. After completion of the bypass, platoon takes appropriate actions.

a. Reports completion and location of the bypass route to the commander.

b. Assumes an overwatch/support by fire role to allow follow-on units to bypass.


c. Continues the assigned mission.

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